I woke up this morning unable to really swallow. ( Probably the cause of minimal sleep due to the workload looming overhead. ) So I sat down and counted my cents, went to the clicks around the corner and got myself some advil and corenza. This really took the last couple coins I have on my name. Well that I want to spend that is. A girl needs money for going out you know. well, some money, generally drinks sort themselves out.

Im typing this from college btw. I got capped last night. - And since I'm currently flat broke buying more is simply not an option. Last night I had a (ONE) bagel with butter for dinner. And the fact that I even had that bagel is surprising. But who needs food when you have coffee, smokes hub and good music? Other news: I have turned my Marlboro's into Red Apple cigarettes, Saturday night I will become Mia Wallace. All the way. Down to a t. Minus the O.D. I think. I haven't been partying in Obz in a while.- Apart from drinking copious amounts of wine at the friends place. Looking forward to show Obz what I'm made of. Or what Mia Wallace is made of.

The Shoot went well. Really fun, had a couple of laughs, poll-danced around a street sign / park sign - the location had no wind, which was great. Looking forward to seeing the photo's. The two or three that I did peep at looked good.

I plan on visiting fort knox this weekend, they have steak. well somebody stole the steak.- three guys in one flat, steak in the fridge - I can see how that would happen. But I'll be swinging by. They also have good coffee. and I love sitting on the semi warn out couch in between the million gig posters that cover all the walls while listing to some great music. Then I'll be heading back home to work. That will be my break. And a great break it will be.

parking off. shot by AP. All Rights Reserved Michelle Viljoen ©


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