What a day. College, followed by a meeting - very rad things to come. amped. work (some photography and illustrations) will be in a store soon. this makes me happy. Got home, went to a friend's flat for dinner, watched some box, went home, then I had a cleaning frenzy and cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom. I do this at times. Tomorrow it's wake up and straight to my other home. Got loads of things to organize.

I just looked through the persians album of barcelona. Fuck me that was one hell of trip. With every click I'm aching to be back there! The mexiCANS ha! (This is a story for another time). Oh right, so the fucker who owns the flat that I want, doesn't answer his phone, nor does he get back to me. - This is not a good sign. no no no.

And since I got a mail from one of you readers asking for more pics, here you go. It's slightly out of focus, but I don't give a shit. I like it. Barcelona near Park Guell

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