I was feeling somewhat nostalgic the last couple of days, so I went browsing through my photographs I took on my trip to Europe. Our flight to Paris from Barcelona got delayed by 6hours. We arrived in Paris just before midnight, exhausted and with no clue where to go. I shot this as we walked out onto the street from the underground somewhere near where we were supposed to stay.

Rather cliché but what the hell - A beautiful welcome to Paris if you ask me.


Some photo's of Lua Union (Dean Blignaut - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar | Lucas Swart - Vocals, Lead Guitar | Jonathan Velthuysen - Bass, Vocals | David Dos Santos - Drums). (more to come at a later stage)

They have just released their new single, please have a listen here

You can also follow them on facebook and twitter

They will be playing at the Waiting Room in Cape Town on Tuesday, February 28 at 9:00pm so if you are around please pop in for a drink and come say hello! The music will be great and these guys are always up for a good night out.

A special thanks to the lovely Michelle Moolman for the make up and Gabriella & Cheralee for the styling.


This was taken about 3 weeks ago from my balcony - I'm terrible with getting film developed. All photographed with the Pentax with the 28mm lens.


Woke up a couple of weeks ago with signal hill covered in mist. Shot these with my Pentax and Vivitar VMC 70-210mm f/3.5 lens. Love days like these.