So I heard on Friday that some of my work got into the Loerie finals - fuck YES. Been working my ass off, and it seems it's all paying off.

So to celebrate I went out last night. I didn't plan on having such a party, but like always, it ended up being one with some intense needed convo with a dear friend. Woke up this morning (somewhat later than I thought) made my way to the heated flooring, and there I sat while my sibling made me coffee, as far as life working on this campaign goes, I'm counting down the seconds till it's over and in the past. It's getting on my nerves way to much. Along with all the other shit happening right now. I'm just craving a holiday.

I have a shitload of work to do before Monday hits. Porti must be done, visiting the design studio I'm keen to intern at in the morning so that is number one right now. Got to get this shit done. But, yet again I'm dreading Monday, or this coming week for that matter. Not due to college work, but personal stuff. It might be a great week, but it might be one that I'll just want to forget. I'll let you know how it goes.

For now, here is a sneak peak photo from the shoot I directed for the campaign- shot by Cameron McDonald (Brilliant photographer). Model - Patricia Laloyo from Fusion Models (She was great to shoot) Please note it hasn't been fully retouched.

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keeping the chin up

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(snap shot - on the grass by the promenade)



Whats on my mind. Ink. party. campaign. poker.

Meeting and a casting to do tomorrow. - I'm actually looking forward to Terrible Tuesday for once.

Kalk Bay
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