I always thought this was going to take time, but it's taking so much more time than I ever thought it would. Nor am I sleeping much due to my room smelling like wet paint. The electrician also hung my new light way to low, so every time I walk under it I get concussed. In other news I FINALLY finished the roll thats in my camera. well done to me. so this weekend I intend to drop it off and get it developed. Fingers crossed that this time all my photo's will come out and not just some random ones in between. never can trust old things all that well. Which means that at some stage next week I will be posting some pics for the last couple of months.

As a replacement for daises, I decided to buy two bottles of wine, these two bottles, along with some snacks, will be going with me to Herman, and we are going to sit on the floor, drink from mugs, sing false to whatever itunes plays us, and even boogy if it gets to that point. Oh and snacks will be eaten from old army tin plates and cans. I found them, I want to use them.

Off to have coffee with Horn. Caffeine bitch.

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