So my trip from Friesland to the persian ladyface. I got on a train at 14;00 ish, not knowing exactly where to get off and hop onto the next one. Anyway about 15min into my trip a group of Italians stepped onto the train, it was really packed so we were all crammed into the tiny little space by the door, and since I had all my travel bags with me I couldn't exactly move through inbetween all the seats, so I just stayed right there. So as I was saying - the Italians - The one started singing, at first I thought nothing much of it, but then I looked up and he was looking at me - and singing. awkward. I said nothing and pretended to be busy on my blackberry, he stopped and ate a kitkat... strange. I managed to understand the guy over the intercom and got onto the following (correct) train YES! and thus I ended up in den haag. great success. The persian ladyface came to pick me up - reunion!

House - stunning
Food - amazing

and, I missioned around on a bicycle today for the first time in 3 or 4 years. My ass is rather sore, but it was worth it since I got a tub of ben and jerries and a great long shirt/pullover/dress / jumper thing that you can wear over leggings from a designer store for only 10e. i love sales. I also watched the footie in a rad tent thing in a park - hup holland!!

so all in all, my trip sofar has been awesome. It's so great to be with the persian ladyface again (she is giving me a thumbs up as I type this) and I can't wait for Barcelona!


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